head office
Heatleys Head Office and main distribution centre - Canning Vale WA

Heatleys are a leading supplier of Safety and Industrial products. With an extensive network of major suppliers, a total warehousing/distribution package and a commitment to service and competitive pricing, Heatleys has been providing quality products to industry across Australia for nearly 30 years. We have five strategic premises throughout WA and SA, each having showroom, warehouse and office facilities. The Heatleys premises in Canning Vale, WA, provides the distribution centre for the Heatleys network and accommodates the Heatleys Head office.

Maintaining Core Values

In order to meet the needs of our valuable customer base, Heatleys Safety & Industrial have recognised that particular customers have specific needs. This may come in the form of: General Industrial products, Clothing and Safety, Fasteners, Packaging and Adhesives, Silicone Sealants, Materials Handling and Welding products. As a result, we have based our business model on "separate business within the business". That is to say Heatleys Safety & Industrial have representation in the form of Product Specialists in specific fields to further help customers on a more technical level. Over years, our ethos and culture have remained unchanged. From inception, service is and has been first priority in meeting our customers ever changing needs and expectations. So too is the commitment to flexibility and dedication to quality products and the continuous improvement of our product range. We believe it is this continued answering commitment to excellence that has more customers every day turning to Heatleys Safety & Industrial as their preferred Supplier.